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Lyceum No 130 and Gymnasium No 6 Hermelin aus Novosibirsk




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Day 8

Sunday 28th August




It was a very important game between HANNOVER 96 and MAINZ 05. It was at a very big stadium. In the second minute the first goal was scored by MAINZ 05. Then there were lots of moments near the goals of both teams. HANNOVER 96 managed score in 32nd minute. The second half was not so interesting. It was rather slow, I think the players were tired. The goalkeepers were really good in this game. So, total score is 1:1.

Kirill Yakovlev


On Saturday we visited Vivians freinds and there we watched the comedy film and ate pizza

And other tasty things. On Sunday we went to the football match. It was so exciting! We were

Sitting with Ganovers fanats. We liked the atmocphere of the match and energy of fanats.

Yana Alexandrova & Katy Visotskaya


Ich habe ein gutes Wochenende erlebt. Am Samstag waren wir im Theater und haben das Musical Piraten gesehen. Das war cool und lustig! Dann haben wir Vivians Freunde besucht, einen Film gesehen und eine Pizza gegessen. Ich habe mein Wochenende mit deutschen Kindern fantastisch verbracht.

Aljona Pak



My weekend was rather long but very exciting. On Saturday I was with my partner Pilo. We walked around the city. Pilo showed me the oldest house in Hildesheim (it was built in 1606) where his aunt lives, the church, and a lot of other interesting places in the town

After dinner I, my partner and his father went to the new hospital where Pilos mother works. There were a lot of interesting things to help people which have problems with their health. Then I said Good bye to Pilos family because it was the last day I spent with them.


On Sunday I was in the Harz mountains. The mountains were not very high but nice. I was in the cave in Harz and I liked it very much though it was really cold. I liked the city near the mountains (Quedlingburg) too.

So, I wish I could return there some time again.

Sergey Ershov




2011 Novosibirsk Lyceum No 130